Jens Peters
Here is some music I made during the late 80 to the present time.
Acctually I am no real rock n roller, but many of the songs where made as such
for the purpose of bringing selfmade music to a band called Sidefill. These songs are however only to be listened at as sketches, and in no way as final results. Being a bass-player it was fun to play a guitar and try out some experiences also with other instruments.

The drums however are computermade/drummachine and are only ment to accentuate some ideas. Therefor the drums on the tracks may seem a bit boring
and stiff.
The vocals are another chapter not worth mentioning, they are there to put the ideas together, so do not put to much attention on these, neither the songtext s
besides a very few :-) However, these songs are only scetch es !

Starting out with the period: C 1986-1994

All music composed, arranged and played by me, except:

"See you in Heaven" - Originally composed by EC
"Blues for John" : Henrik Dankert, Harmonica
"In the Desert" : Tuck Bergman: Rhyth m guitar & vocals
"Moskitodansevise" : Nesima: Vocal & Altosax 

Instruments used:
Fender Precission Bass
Tokai Stratocaster with among a Hot Rail single pick-up
Roland Keyboard JP3-X, Roland Rhythm Composer TR 707
Dean Markley guitar Combo-amp K20 - (very, very small - but loud :-)
Vox AC 30 - bass amp. -highly gained- used on song 1 & 2 for the guitar
No distortion pedals used - only gained amplifiers

Soundtrack Mixer 24-4-2, Roland Delay & Reverb Equipment

Recorded on:
Fostex 4-track cass. recorder for song 1 & 2
Revox A77 recorder for song 3
Tascam 38 for all other songs

What you hear are not copies from a master tape but copies from a cassette copy
done with an Alpine AL90 cass. recorder used as a Master machine.


1. Early Morning Blues

- My first song has no other meaning than to play the guitar and feel good, lyrics
  you can throw away - just an awful cue-song :-)

2. She s so fine

- is a rock n roll song with all its merits, lyrics belong there too !
  Both songs were recorded on the Fostex cass. deck, so the sound is not that


3. I m on my Way

- a rock n roll song too, but this time the lyrics make a little sence !
  recorded on a Revox A77 and with a fair vocal :-) but a little to fast :-)

4. Halfmoon

- a nice song, at least done and performed by John & Joannah Hall from the very,
  I think, underestimated american group "Orleans". I felt for trying it out in my own
  way :-) The heavy rhytmics was a thrill ! A bit to fast again :-)

5. Nightwalk

- was acctually to test my new Tascam 38 - 8 track recorder and is a jazz-fusion
  kind of thing.




6. Here I m Standing

   A song to a flaming relationship

7. Little Geenie

- is another rock n roll song for the Band and makes no sence but for the music

8. Bluespocket

- belongs to the more interesting ones in shape of it s variety in the rhyth m, and
  for the guitars towards the end ... but the lyrics ? :-)

9. Fallen Eagle

- is a more heavy thing about a lost Eagle trying to find it s way around in this
  world ! In the end of the song I try to picture the feel of an Eagle flying.

10. How about care for your World

    Another relationship song .... lyrics no comments.

11. Feels

    Another test-song without lyrics. Lyrics are hopefully coming up some day.

12. Sad Decline

    A song where lyrics still are to be made, it is a bit big in it s landscape-sound
    and a bit Green Peace like in it s feeeling.

13. Blues for John

- is a blues with a jazzy feeling .... however it s hard to get the feel in the
  middle of  the song in lack of a real drummer.


14. See you in Heaven

- is inspired by EC and was just another experiment with some slide-playing.

15. Rais me Up

    An unfinished song, where the unmotivated vocals are there to give the
  impression of horns. So horns will come up aswell as sax solo s ....... one day :-)

16. In the Desert

  A song I made with a very dear friend of mine, Tuck, my Band-mate, who is
  doing the excelent rhyth m guitar on the song. A song about having lost his money
  and himself playing card-games in Las Vegas. He stick s in a desert Town .... and
  it s hot !

17. Moskitodansevisen

- is a song I made together with the very dear Nesima, voc & sax, on a 3. rd floor
  in Copenhagen. The recording of the guitar-solo would be a bit loud for the very
  neighbours, if I didn t stack ed my little amplifier covered with various clothes :-)
  Nesima is the main composer of the song, and plays the keyboard aswell.

18. The Rose

 - originally a beautiful song by Bette Midler.

  Nesima and I met one another at a wedding where the lovers were common
  friends to us. Nesima sang the song alone playing an acoustic guitar.
  I was very thrilled about her contribution to the wedding party,
  So I asked her to do a version together with me.
  And so we did at the same place as above.


Tracks from the very 2000 are coming up ....
Unless you hesitate :-)
Hope you like some of it so far -